Meet the Nebraska Vendors

Welcome to Omaha Homestead! We are an online homestead shop based out guessed it, Omaha, Nebraska. American-made is the backbone of what we do here. The products offered here are sourced from small businesses that hand craft their products in small batches. Our goal is to connect you to wholesome and honest, local vendors who are passionate about their craft and taking sustainable measures to create natural products for their consumers. These values are important to us, and if you have found this page, they are important to you too. If shopping minimal waste companies is already part of your routine, we hope we can introduce you to some new and unique vendors. If it’s not, we’re here to make shopping minimal waste and doing your part for the environment simple, effortless, and completely transparent.  

We understand how overwhelming it can be in today’s society to find sincere and transparent companies with a mission to better the world. But that’s what we are here for! We did the research and found incredible companies we are immensely proud to share with you. Now you too can change the world in an act as simple as supporting these minimal waste, small batch businesses. You are going to LOVE the products they have to offer. They’re mutually beneficial for you, your home, your family, and the earth! Once you start shopping minimal waste, you won’t want to turn back.  
We have so many inspiring vendors we want you to get to know, but for Omaha Homestead’s very first blog, we want to highlight our fellow cornhuskers from “the good life” of Nebraska. We currently have three vendors based out of Nebraska, so let’s get to know them! 

Wax Buffalo

Up first, we want to introduce you to WaxyB! This company was founded on a basis of love, women’s empowerment, and sustainability in Lincoln, Nebraska. For the founder, Alicia, Wax Buffalo is more than just a company, and that is clear to anyone who gets ahold of her wonderful, hand-crafted products. Inspired by her grandmother Ferne’s love for candles and desire to be home with her daughter, Navy, Wax Buffalo flourished into the company it is today. The company’s mission is to bring safe products into the homes of its customers with a sleek, modern look. Their whimsical scents created from 100% natural materials are packaged up to match the modern living spaces that the candles find homes in. This female-owned company strives to light a creative fire in the strong women making all of this happen. Wax Buffalo, otherwise known as WaxyB, also takes major action to help the environment. Sustainability is their middle name. From the biodegradable ingredients and their efforts of reusing everything they can to giving customers opportunities to take part in their sustainability ventures, mother nature is giving a big thank you to this company. These pure soy candles are here to make your house smell like a home. Wax Buffalo. Beautifully imperfect. 

Benson Soap Mill

Next, we want you to meet Benson Soap Mill based out of Benson, Nebraska. Benson Soap Mill was opened by Ryan Cook and Tim Maides “because you’re filthy”, and they make soaps to help! Their goal is to turn local and sustainable resources into handmade products for you. These two men utilize their skills together to repurpose natural and scrapped products from around the community. Not only are they creating purposeful soaps that are beneficial for your body, but they’re helping the Omaha community and other local restaurants, coffee shops, and farms by turning their trash into treasure. They use local vendors for their products such as Simply Sunflower in Ord, Nebraska for their sunflower oil, Mug Life Coffee in Midtown Omaha for their coffee, and Hardy Coffee Co. in Benson, Nebraska for their chai tea blend. They carry many different scents of liquid soaps, soap bars, and bath bombs made naturally in small batches. All of the ingredients used are listed right on the label, so you never have to worry about hidden ingredients when using products from Benson Soap Mill.  

Nomad Wax Co

Another wonderful one of our Nebraska vendors we want you to meet is Nomad Wax Co. Melissa founded Nomad Wax Co. in 2018 in her spare bedroom! Her creativity and need for hands on activity gave her big aspirations. Her work in her spare bedroom grew to a pop-up shop in Lincoln, Nebraska and is now a studio and retail showroom in the heart of Omaha. She’s created an abundance of collections such as candles, body products, and home fragrances with her family. Their mission at Nomad Wax Co. is to create natural products with non-toxic ingredients that are safe for you, your pets, and the planet. All her handmade products are vegan, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and 100% natural. This woman-owned business aims to create comfort and purpose in your daily life by using products that you can see transparency in the process and the positive effects they are having on the environment and community. Clean fragrance for the scent obsessed. Nomad Wax Co. has products that will have you and your home smelling heavenly.  

Wrap Up

We hope you are excited about the growth that is to come with Omaha Homestead and the hardworking vendors we are here to connect you with. These are just a few of the vendors we are currently offering, and we can’t wait to introduce you to the rest of them! It is such an honor for us to be able to share the work of these companies founded in the heart of our home state of Nebraska. We are so proud to help you shop local companies when you can’t get to these stores in person. You don’t always have to be local to shop local! 
Shopping minimal waste products can be daunting and like many of us, you may not even know where to start. That is why we founded Omaha Homestead in 2021. We think everyone deserves transparency and natural products that have benefits for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Shopping minimal waste isn’t something that should be tedious, confusing, difficult or feel intimidating. One small step supporting local businesses with great missions and purposeful causes has an impact greater than ourselves.  
At Omaha Homestead we want everyone to come together to do their part to shop clean and shop local! Every purchase makes a difference. As an online homestead store, our specialty is linking you to awesome, local vendors and together, we have the chance to change the world! 
"Small Batch. Large Impact."

Omaha Homestead Vendors (last updated 5/24):

  • Three Sister’s Apothecary – Sonoma County, CA 
  • Wax Buffalo – Lincoln, NE 
  • Benson Soap Mill – Benson, NE 
  • Blue Poppy – Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 
  • Felin Lune Apothecary – Santa Ana, CA 
  • Good Flower Farm – Nashville, TN 
  • Naturawl Being – Stafford Springs, CT 
  • Nomad Wax Co – Omaha, NE 
  • Sea Witch Botanicals – Bellingham, WA 
  • Sister Bees – Ludington, MI 
  • Soap Distillery – Chicago, IL 
  • Tru Earth – Canada  
  • Verdant Wild Apothecary – Santa Cruz, CA 
  • YaaYaa Natural – Jersey City, NJ