Meet the Crafters - Felin Lune Apothecary

Elizabeth graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a major in psychology and pre-med curriculum. She had the hopes of going back to medical school and one day becoming a doctor. That journey became overwhelming and unsatisfying for her. After being diagnosed with depression, Elizabeth took up soap making as a hobby in her free time to help. From there, she never went back to her old life. From her struggles something wonderful was born in California, USA, where Felin Lune Apothecary!  
Her science background mixed with her love for holistic herbalism inspired her to start creating incredible products. Felin Lune Apothecary is now a low waste to zero waste company that creates beauty products to enhance your self-care routine. Elizabeth only uses the highest-quality raw ingredients and handcrafts everything with love. Shop Felin Lune Apothecary’s selection of shampoos, soaps, shaving needs and more on our website!