Meet the Crafters - Soap Distillery

Soap Distillery was founded in 2012 by Danielle Martin and has blossomed into a sustainable, black-owned and woman-owned business! It was started when Danielle realized she was bored of seeing the same classic scents for soaps everywhere she went. She was ready to spice things up! As she was discussing scents and sipping on and old fashioned, she had the great idea to make soaps in the scents of cocktails. 
Soap Distillery is now a team of four based in Chicago, Illinois who do everything from crafting the soaps in small batches to packaging them and shipping them out. They take sustainability seriously at Soap Distillery, which is why they only use essential oils that are sustainable to produce. Soap Distillery is a cruelty-free company that makes almost all of its products plastic-free. Get the delicious cocktail scents without the hangover! Shop Soap Distillery’s collection of scents today!