Meet the Crafters - Good Flower Farm

Rachel Carpenter started Good Flower Farm in 2014 out of her apartment in Minneapolis while also working full time. She had a big love for the earth and curiosity about holistic living. As someone who had experience with farming, sustainability, herbalism and nutrition, she wanted to dive deeper into this realm, which is where it all began.  
Today, Rachel owns and runs the Good Flower Farm as her full-time job doing what she loves while helping to take care of Mother Nature and your skin!  Good Flower Farm is now a 13-acre farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee where the company grows its own herbs for its skincare line. As first-generation farmers, the employees of Good Flower Farm like to have control over every aspect of what is included in their products. They plant the herbs, use water from a spring on the acreage and irrigate the herbs with that water in their own greenhouse. From the soil to the product to your home, Good Flower Farm takes incredible care of each ingredient used to create their lovely skincare line.  
Good Flower Farm has a mission to provide you with skincare products that are free of chemicals and other unsafe ingredients. They believe that plant-based products can nourish your skin and work just as well, if not better, than expensive skincare products that include ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Good Flower Farm does its best to lessen its carbon footprint and work as an environmentally-conscious company to give you wholesome products that work!