Meet the Crafters - Verdant Wild Apothecary

Liz Hodges founded Verdant Wild Apothecary in 2015 because she wanted to share nontoxic skin care products with her customers. Her love for natural skin care products began in her childhood where she grew up on a farm with her parents in Washington State. After her mother passed away of melanoma at the age of 36, Liz became even more passionate about skin care. In 2006, she moved to live with her aunt in California and helped tend to her farm. After receiving her degree in Global Studies, Liz began her plan for Verdant. She strongly believes in the power of plants and the nurturing ingredients they have to offer.
Today, Verdant Wild Apothecary is located in Santa Cruz, California and offers numerous skin care products from lip balms to facial cleaners, and they have even expanded into haircare and shaving products. All her products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure they are made with care and with clean ingredients. A Verdant World means creating products using ingredients that are organic and cruelty free while packaging them with reusable biodegradable materials! We are proud to be carrying some of her incredible skin care products and sharing Liz’s amazing creations with you all!