Meet the Crafters - Benson Soap Mill

Introducing Benson Soap Mill based out of Benson, Nebraska. Benson Soap Mill was created, opened and established by Ryan Cook and Tim Maides “because you’re filthy”, and they make soaps to help! Their goal is to turn local and sustainable resources into handmade products for you.
These two men utilize their skills together to repurpose natural and scrapped products from around the community. Not only are they creating purposeful soaps that are beneficial for your body, but they’re helping the Omaha community and other local restaurants, coffee shops, and farms by turning their trash into treasure. They use local vendors for their products such as Simply Sunflower in Ord, Nebraska for their sunflower oil, Mug Life Coffee in Midtown Omaha for their coffee, and Hardy Coffee Co. in Benson, Nebraska for their chai tea blend. They carry many different scents of liquid soaps, soap bars, and bath bombs made naturally in small batches. All of the ingredients used are listed right on the labelso you never have to worry about hidden ingredients when using products from Benson Soap Mill.