Meet the Crafters - Tru Earth

Ryan McKenzie began every morning watching toy shows with his children when they were young. As he watched, he was blown away at the amount of plastic waste he saw with the products they used. Although he didn’t consider himself to be a hardcore environmentalist, he was concerned about the unnecessary excess waste going into the world he was raising his children in. 
Ryan, his friend Brad Liski, a serial entrepreneur, and his childhood friend Kevin Hinton decided to try out eco-friendly laundry detergent slips that one of Brad’s family members had a patent on. They were skeptical at first but wanted to see if this could be a sustainable option for them. They were shocked at how great the detergent worked! 
They started a small webpage that grew like wildfire, and within one year, they had 60,000 users in 40 different countries! A truly incredible small-business success story our of Canada. They realized that most people are inherently good and want to make a difference when it comes to environmental issues, not only for themselves but future generations. People just need good products and a little assistance to get started. This is where Tru Earth came into play. 
The company is founded on the values of simplicity, empowerment, and integrity. Tru Earth wants to empower people to make good decisions for our earth and believes that small actions have big impacts. Even though the eco-friendly company has had incredible growth and success, they will forever stick to the close-knit family culture and values that started Tru Earth in Canada.