Meet the Crafters - Wild Botanicals

We are pleased to introduce you to one of our vendors, Wild Botanicals, founded by Felicia. She has always been intrigued by making home concoctions with herbs, essential oils and other botanical ingredients, which is where she originated the idea of Wild Botanicals. She began by messing around making soaps and baby products back when she was pregnant in 2012 in Chicago. She then decided to start the company, Wild Botanicals, after her pregnancy.  
Wild Botanicals got its feet on the ground by selling products online and at local farmer’s markets. Today, Felicia has turned Wild Botanicals into an established skincare company that hand-makes their products using natural ingredients. Wild Botanicals refrain from using any synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates and chemicals. They never test on animals, and she packages her products as sustainably as possible. Felicia now works at Wild Botanicals full-time with four other employees. She enjoys the intimacy of being able to speak personally with customers and oversee each product that is sent out.  
Wild Botanicals is here to help you with all things hygiene. They create cleansers, serums, oils, face masks and so much more to elevate your self care routine and contribution to the environment. They even have a special line for mamas and babies, which is special to Felicia since the idea of Wild Botanicals was sparked when she was pregnant. When it comes to artisan skincare, bath and body, Wild Botanicals is the new line of natural products you need to try out.