Meet the Crafters - Lovett Sundries

We would like to introduce you to one of our great crafters, Lovett Sundries! Lovett Sundries is a family company based out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania that cares about elevating your daily routines with their products. They carefully handcraft soaps and grooming products that will make your self-care routine more enjoyable and more eco-friendly!  Lovett Sundries was created by a couple after asking what ingredients were in the store-bought soaps they used... and not being so enthused with the answer. They decided they were going to make their own soaps with ingredients people knew.. and could pronounce, for a gentle cleanse that nourished the skin. The rest was history after that! Their friends and family loved the soaps so much and kept asking for more, which is where and how the company’s story began.  
They like doing things the old-fashioned way at Lovett Sundries. Although it takes more time and precision to handcraft their products, it is that much more satisfying for them to deliver products they are proud to produce, and you are proud to consume. They not only care about the quality they deliver to you but the effects their work has on the environment. All their packing materials are 100% recyclable because Lovett Sundries uses repurposed and post-consumer materials for their packaging. Support a family-owned business that supports you and the Earth you live on. Shop Lovett Sundries and change the way you take care of yourself!