Meet the Crafters - humblelove

humblelove was started by Taylor and April Locke when they began crafting natural soaps and herbal body care products during their engagement. They had both attended the Savannah College of Art and Design which is where their life together had begun. They quickly realized this side business of handcrafting products was their true passion which is when they packed up and moved from Savannah, Georgia to Caldwell, Texas to pursue humblelove in 2014. 
Throughout their first few years in Texas, their artistic backgrounds gave them many opportunities to spend time traveling the world while creating, crafting and exploring. After the birth of their two boys, Elijah and Silas, they officially settled down and opened the humblelove brick-and-mortar in Caldwell called The Humble Life. Together they create numerous products using 100% natural ingredients. They have successfully been able to merge the love they have for their family, their community, natural products and small businesses into humblelove. At humblelove their motto is “Small family. Small business. Small town. Big love.” Shop their selection of natural body soaps, face cleansers and beard care products!