Meet the Crafters - The Home Farm

The Home Farm is a health-conscious and environmentally-friendly company based out of Orlando, Florida that is owned by a family who respects the Earth by living a minimalist lifestyle. During the days, the founders are community professors and at nights and on the weekends, they spend a majority of their time at their urban home farm. The Home Farm gives these entrepreneurs an opportunity to share their love for Mother Nature and eco-conscious choices with the world by allowing you to do your part in saving the planet, just by making the switch to their products. 
Their sustainable company is dedicated to keeping the world a clean and beautiful place so that their children and your children’s children can all have incredible futures here. The products they create use only organic ingredients. They have seen how much it has benefitted their family’s overall health and happiness and want to share some of that with you. The packaging for every single one of their products is paper only, keeping it completely zero-waste!  
The Home Farm offers a variety of products from cleaning products to baby products that are safe for you and your family. Whether you need salve for your child’s diaper rash, safe cleaning products for your kitchen or alcohol-free mouthwash, The Home Farm has it all! Browse their selection of products on our site today.