Meet the Crafters - Yaa Yaa Natural

Let us introduce you to Yaa Yaa Natural. Nicole Ampadu and Alex Ampadu Jr. both earned Biology degrees and worked as licensed clinical laboratory technologists in the New York health care system. Nicole and Alex decided to open their own natural skin care line after being upset with the limited availability of environmentally conscious options in the skin care market. And with that, Yaa Natural was born in Brooklyn, NY.   
Nicole and Alex are a second-generation Ghanaian American family and have two missions when it comes to their work with Yaa Yaa Natural. First, they want to empower African communities, which is why they source their materials straight from Africa, and secondly, they want to leave a positive mark on the environment by using sustainable ingredients to make their products.   
Yaa Yaa Natural creates intensely moisturizing shea butters that have all the right ingredients to benefit your skin and hair. Their shea butters meet several environmental qualifications including being certified vegan, certified kosher and non-GMO! These Biologists understand the science behind your skin cells and can make great products to benefit them. Give one of their shea butters a try and support this incredible company that cares deeply about how your skin feels and what goes into the environment!