Meet the Crafters - Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals is a small family business that was started out of Bellingham, Washington. The founders of Sea Witch Botanicals are Alesia, Jhustin and Cat. Alesia is the “Master Crafter” and creates all of the scent profiles for the products as a certified aromatherapist. Jhustin is the digital marketing expert who does their branding from the packaging labels to the web design and everything in between. Cat is the director of operations and has her toes in a little bit of everything across the company. Today, they have a team of 11 people that work with them to make handcraft everything Sea Witch Botanicals has to offer.  
 Their goal when starting the company was to create plant-based alternatives that had positive impacts on sustainability and the environment. Their name, Sea Witch Botanicals, came from their passion for clean waterways. Not only do their products keep “nasties” out of our water, but they’re also all-natural and ethical home and body alternatives! Check out their certified vegan products on our site. They offer everything from facial products to incense sticks!