Meet the Crafters - sea of roses

Heather Smith is the epitome of an entrepreneur who started a small business out of genuine passion and a true love for creativity. She is a florist and event stylist who started sea of roses in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. She wanted to share her love of flowers with the world. By believing in herself and knowing her ability, she founded this passion to meticulously craft and perfect her products for all of you to fall in love with. These products are a variety of body sprays, bath salt soaks, candles, incense sticks, ceramics and artisan apothecary products.   
Her small studio space in the pacific northwest is where she works all her magic. The cozy space is built with beautiful warm woods and natural lighting from windows, giving it a serene vibe. Each of her products is based on a floral arrangement she loves, which is how she chooses her color palettes and scents. The natural ingredients included in sea of roses product lines create high-quality and wholesome products that you will adore and help sustain the environment. As an artist, her packaging is nothing short of stunning. She uses recycled materials to package many of her products and matches the colors of her labels to her scents to create a sleek and simple design.   
Since florals are such a big part of the work she does, the fragrances she chooses are extremely important to her. She only uses perfume-grade fragrances and essential oil blends to create a delectable aroma in every candle, incense stick and bath salt soak. Each year, she makes time to do a few events with floral work to reinspire herself and her devotion to sea of roses. By doing this, she wants to ensure that the company continues to keep its authenticity and small-business feel. In her free time, she spends time admiring all different types of art and creativity by listening to old records, gardening in her home garden and spending quality time with her husband and pup! Flowers bring so much beauty and joy into this world and the products created by sea of roses do the same! You’ve got to check Heather’s company out!