New Year Reset

New year, new goals! Start 2022 off right with a sustainable self-care routine. Sometimes, you just need a “me day” and these products will have you feeling like a whole new person when you’re done.  

Clean Crisp Sheets: Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips, Tru Earth Wool Dryer Balls, Ashbury Bloom Stain Remove Laundry Stick 

There’s no better feeling than getting in bed when your sheets are nice and fresh. To start your self-care day, throw your sheets in the washing machine when you wake up in the morning. Simply put your sheets in the wash, add a Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Slip and press start. These laundry strips are available in a Fresh Linen scent or in a Fragrance-Free option. They’re hypoallergenic, vegan, and free of added dyes, chlorine bleach and 1,4-dioxane, making this detergent great to use on even the most sensitive skin.  

When your bedding is ready for the dryer, toss it in with our Tru Earth Wool Dryer Balls. Add a couple drops of essential oils to your dryer balls before you throw them in for a refreshing scent when your clothes are done drying. They’re 100% premium organic sheep wool with no synthetics or chemicals used in its make up. When bedtime hits, you’ll be cozied up in bed in incredibly smelling, clean, soft sheets!  

Have any tough stains that are still on your sheets from eating in bed during a Netflix binge? No worries! Rub the Ashbury Bloom Stain Remove Laundry Stick right on there and watch them disappear.  

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Long Hot Shower / Bath: Rock Creek Soaps Shower Steamer Set Shower + Bath 4Pk 

Start your self-care day off by taking a nice long hot shower or relaxing in a warm bath. Make it even better with our Rock Creek Soaps Shower Steamer Set. These work in the shower or bathtub to bring a spa-like aura. Either place it in the bathtub to use as a bath bomb or place it on the floor of your shower and splash it with water to activate it as a shower steamer. The aromas will calm your body and soothe your mind. The scent options are made from therapeutic grade essential oils and are available in these scents: 

Soothing – Fresh lavender and clean clary sage 

Rejuvenate – Peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon 

Clarity – Crisp lemongrass and refreshing lavender 

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Freshen your Hair: Three Sisters Apothecary Shampoo / Conditioner 

While you are in the shower of bath, let’s get your hair nice and refreshed our Three Sisters Apothecary’s Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Each Shampoo and Conditioner Bar is formulated specifically for the hair type you have, so you can ensure the right ingredients are being used in your hair. The Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are SLS-free, paraben-free and silicone-free! They have a formula for Fine Hair, Sleek & Smooth Hair and Curly & Wavy Hair, so every unique hair type is covered. 

Fine Hair – Rosemary Orange 

Sleek & Smooth Hair – Mandarin Blossom Calendula 

Curly & Wavy Hair – Lavender Tea Tree 

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Cleanse your Body: Soap Distillery Soap Bar 

To cleanse and hydrate your skin while bringing some fun into your shower, try one of Soap Distillery’s boozy inspired body soaps. They are loaded with natural oils to hydrate your skin and vitamin E to keep your skin healthy. Choose your favorite cocktail and instead of having one, cleanse your body with a soap bar that smells like it for the perfect reset. Check out all the cocktail-inspired soap bars below. 

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Revive your Facial Skin: Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Co Buttercream Face Wash 

After getting out of the relaxing shower, splash some warm water on your face then cleanse with our Chagrin Valley Buttercream Cleansing Face Wash. The natural aloe soap included in the face wash will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

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Add Hydration to your Face: CottageWitch Botanicals Witches’ Tea Facial Crème and Moon Goddess Lip Balm 

Pat your face dry before applying the Witches’ Tea Facial Crème by CottageWitch Botanicals. The silky cream will absorb quickly into your skin to restore its natural glow. Cucumber hydrosol is included in this Facial Crème to soften the skin and help reduce any inflammation. After moisturizing your face, apply the Moon Goddess Lip Balm to bring plumpness and hydration.  

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Relax: sea of roses Soy Wax Candle 

Now that you’re feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, put your clean sheets back on your bed and spark a sea of roses Soy Wax Candle. Soy wax candles have a longer burn time and don’t emit bad chemicals into the air as they burn. Each sea of roses Soy Wax Candle smells incredible so choose the one that best fits your vibe.  

Agave – Cactus flower sea salt and jasmine vine 

Clay - Rock rose, dark musk and mandarin 

Ember – Black oak, smoke and patchouli 

Nude - Bergamot, piñon pine and vetiver 

Paper - White birch, eucalyptus and ponderosa 

Petal – Honey, avocado and chamomile 

Slate - Peppercorn, honeycomb and tobacco 

Wood – Balsam fir, cypress and lemon peel 

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Make sure to take time to take care of yourself this new year. After all, you are better able to take care of others if you are taking care of yourself. After refreshing yourself and getting into your clean sheets, enjoy your favorite show, crossword puzzle or take some time to read a new book. Even a few hours of time alone taking care of yourself can be a major reset for your mental health. All these high-quality sustainable products are the perfect way to pamper yourself while keeping our environment happy and healthy. We hope this inspired you to have a “me day” this January. Happy 2022!