A Night at "The Soap Factory": Benson, Nebraska

My team and I took a trip down under Daisy Jones’ Locker in Benson, NE to see Tim Maides, co-owner of Benson Soap Mill, established in 2013. Tim Maides runs the place with partner Ryan Cook, and what a couple charismatic and genuine guys! We could have stayed down under in their little “soap factory” and talked to Tim all night. 
The team of 2 crafts all their batches and runs business operations with the help of only one other employee! Not only are Ryan and Tim a couple genuine guys, but they are extremely PASSIONATE about their soaps and the ingredients that go into them. They source nearly all their ingredients in Nebraska, even adjusting their formulas and recipes in order to do so. It can get costly to source locally, but they always choose local support over a higher profit-margin.   
Tim gleamed particularly proud when speaking of a sunflower oil ranch he discovered in Ord, Nebraska. Upon discovery and testing, Benson Soap Miil began replacing the lard they were using in their soaps with sunflower oil, taking their soaps to the next level and making them completely vegan! With this newfound ingredient, the oils they use are now sourced 70% locally! Tim raved about how his friend and local sunflower oil farmer, Al, and their banter anytime they get to see each other. Al drives his truck full of sunflower oil barrels from Ord to Tim in Benson every so often for restock, and they love to joke around and chat. A great friendship built on natural products, sustainability and a local support system. These two would have never met without a passion for clean ingredients and community support. 
We watched Tim hand fold each soap box, made from 100% recycled paper, as he discussed with us how important the ingredients in his soaps are to him. He truly believes the sunflower oil is a game changer, containing 41% Vitamin E, being practically made for your skin. Tim also noted that he and Ryan don’t like to use funky colors or garnishes when crafting their soaps, because they want the focus to be on the awesome ingredients within the soap. They want you to use their soaps because you couldn’t possibly get the same results anywhere else, not because they look pretty (although they do, sorry boys).  
We had an amazing experience visiting Tim. He is a truly genuine entrepreneur and gentleman with all the right intentions for his customers, his company and our earth. We are so proud to be sharing their story with our customers and selling their soaps on our site. Share their story, use their awesome soaps and look for Benson Soap Mill at your next local farmer’s market.  

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