Shop Local this Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, let’s talk about the importance of shopping local during the holiday season. At Omaha Homestead, we work to bring the positive benefits of shopping local to an online one-stop shop so you can still support local businesses from the convenience of your home! Whether you are looking to shop eco-friendly products, cruelty-free products, vegan products or handcrafted products, we have something for everyone. Gifting to others from local vendors allows you to give a heartfelt gift to someone you care about, while also giving the gift of a purchase to the small crafter or company you purchased from.
Shopping local allows for community uniqueness to thrive. Every community has their own specialties, unique shops, restaurants, museums, cultures and sites to see. This uniqueness is what makes it so special to those who live there and keeps it exciting for people to come visit. Local vendors play a huge part in the cultural diversity from town to town because it allows for the retail mix to be diversified.
Shopping local opens up jobs for people within the community. Local businesses create job openings for those in the community. Supporting these vendors allows for their businesses to thrive and expand which therefore opens up the opportunity of more jobs for those in need of work in the future
Shopping local diversifies your home. Supporting local allows you to find niche creations made in the community and bring them to life in your own home. When you have the opportunity to shop many local vendors online, as you can do on Omaha Homestead, you get to find best of the best products from other communities around the North American region, allowing you to recognize and appreciate the differences each community has and support the ability of each community to be distinct in their own way!
Shopping local allows for connection and growth within the community. Local vendors often source from other local vendors. They also tend to support the other small business in their community because they see themselves as being all in the same boat. As crafters and businesses support one another, it keeps money flowing through the community and allows for growth within the community.
Shopping local creates cost-friendly options. Since local businesses are often smaller than corporate businesses, they rarely have the large overhead expense that many of large corporations have. Without a hefty overhead expense, small businesses are able to keep their prices lower and you give you more bang for your buck.  
Shopping local encourages transparency in the products you’re purchasing. These local vendors have become experts in their craft. Whether its handcrafted soaps, natural beauty products or clean-burning candles, the company knows exactly what’s in its creations. They also work directly with their suppliers and customers, which keeps businesses honest and trustworthy about their products and supply chain. 
Shopping local allows you to be part of something bigger than yourself. When you purchase a product from a local vendor, you can feel confident that your purchase made a difference in a community. You were able to brighten someone’s day while getting your holiday shopping done all the same. Shop local online at Omaha Homestead. After all, it is the season of giving! 
Shopping local helps small businesses get back on their feet. Shopping local feels more important now than ever. Covid-19 was detrimental to many small businesses across America as small storefronts were forced to close their doors. You can help crafters and small businesses get back on their feet and have a busy, robustful holiday season this year by shopping local and encouraging your friends and family to do so as well!
Browse our selection of local vendors on our website and find a unique gift for each unique person you care about. We are so proud of each vendor we share here and how much they care about the quality of products they provide to us to provide to you! Products you purchase here make the community, environment and your home a better place. Cheers to a joyful holiday season full of appreciating uniqueness, supporting hardworking small businesses and spreading love. Happy Holidays from Omaha Homestead to you!